Vintaged Styles


  • Customizations of Product Filter
  • Search Implementation
  • Shopify Store Setup
  • UX & UI Design


Vintaged Styles is a clothing/accessories brand selling retail and second-hand vintage looks. It holds a large collection of products with a wide range of product variants.


Scaling with the platforms built in mechanisms is incredibly difficult with a brand of this size. With inventory as large as theirs it's important to stay organized. This is especially important when it comes to scaling the business.

Large product inventories require fast and easy-to-find search options for the best customer experience. When a customer can't easily find what they are looking for then we run the risk of loosing conversions.


Using a premium theme, I was able to implement a 'Filter and Search' feature, allowing users to browse intuitively and find what they were looking for quickly. This helps increase conversions and provides customers with a stress-free shopping experience.

I also created a 'Shop the look' feature. This benefits the business by quickly advertising possible combined products. It shows a selection of a few items that are often bought together. The image depicts these products as separate parts of one 'look'. This feature encourages the customer to purchase multiple products at once.


The store is now optimized for customer conversations while allowing the brand to automate scaleing with ease.